Sunday, 14 December 2014


this is the last week it was unexpected 

this is a list of things that we did:

- we did not do any padlets this week we just got straight into it.
- the main reason that we went was to finish our videos  
- we went in survival again but this time for longer, in survival me, Tommy and Jake had a tent and a tree house the thing was that Tommy thought it was still creative and he jumped the tree house and died.
- we all had horses and dogs. 
- the video that I did was about my house that me and Jake lived in until we all had the idea of camping at the end everyone we to the cathedral and looked at the Christmas tree the fire works didn't go of because fire and TNT was off.     
- the last thing that we all did was................. commit suicide!!!!!!!!!! I did by jumping of one of Titus's apartments!  
- BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 8 December 2014

week 7

Henry's blog week seven 

this is a list of things that we did:

- first we did our padlet as always

- Then we got some time to build and build and build
- After that we finished off and started the count down to survival!!! 
- In survival we tried to survive
- It all went well until it was night and everyone was trying to find a bed in the end we did it and and survived the next day but then the section came to an end and we all had to say bye!  
- this week we had no last padlet bye!!!!!!!!!!!

Monday, 1 December 2014

week 6

Henry's mine-craft blog week six

this is a list of things tht we did:

- the first thing that we did was our padlet this is it

- today I furnished of the house that I was building for me and Jake. 
- and this was the second to last section boo hoo hoo! 
- we also did lots of sharing at the end of the section and Jake invented a self lighting fire.  
- this was probably the best one so far.
- the beach group has made a roller coaster and a water slide they both look amazing they are right beside my house.
- this is the second padlet


Tuesday, 25 November 2014

week 5

Henrys mine-craft blog week five

this is a list of things that we did:

- this is the first padlet

- Me and Jake.s finished our house woo hoo!!!
- The world is looking really good but we only have two weeks left.
- Some people recorded themselfs and sowed us the recording at the end 
- I tamed a wolf now I have a pet "Barry."
- some one went to jail for using invisibility potions. 
- this is our second padlet

Monday, 17 November 2014

Week 4

week four mine-craft blog

this is a list of things that we did:

- the first thing that happened was bad we found out that we got greifed by high school students!!! 
- oh me and my group finished another two houses.
- we are going to make houses for everyone in the class or they can choose to live with each other that would make it much easier for us.
- The world is looking really good the police station is finished all ready.

Tuesday, 11 November 2014

Week 3

Henry's mine-craft blog week three

this is a list of things that we did

- We talked about what we are going to put on our treaty.
- this is our 1st padlet

- Then we went on mine craft in our build groups and worked really hard so we could get our goals done 
- in our build group (Houses) almost started and finished two houses!!!  

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Week 1

Henry's mine-craft blog week 1 

this is a list of things that we did:

- We set up our build ideas. 
- This is a T-chart showing our wants and needs.
- we got into a line of confidence from one to ten I was around the five mark.  
- Then we got into build groups by getting all the people you were ten on the line and pairing them up with the lower people.
- planed on paper what we needed in our builds like beds.   
- started our treaty.
- had a little play on mine-craft so we can see around the world.